Windows 8
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Windows 8 activation For Your Computer from Urgentechelp

Windows 8 is a leading PC operating system developed by Microsoft, which is a part of the Windows NT family. This Operating System comes with better user interaction especially with tablets. More emphasis has been given on touch screen input and integration with a plethora of online services and apps. This operating system is more app friendly that allow synchronization with the Windows App store. Installing windows 8 is extremely easy now. Device users with Windows 8 can directly connect to the app store using internet connectivity. One of the most unique features includes the inbuilt anti-virus software that creates a layer of protection for the computer. We teach you how to install windows 8.

  • 32/64 bit Architecture
  • Home Group Sharing Supported
  • Bluetooth Support Enabled
  • Remote Desktop Connection Supported
  • Offers Improved Desktop Navigation
  • Comprehensive Search Tool enabled
  • Pin to task bar option for users
  • Supports Remote Media Streaming
  • Inbuilt Security S/W with regular windows updates, windows firewall and windows defender
  • Bit Locker present with this system
  • Customization for Tablets with Start Screen, Mouse, keyboard and now Touch, Apps from the Windows Store
  • You can Open the Store from your Start screen, browse and download various multimedia apps
  • Streaming Songs - Windows 8 has the Xbox Music app, which gives you access to the world of downloadable music
  • Advanced desktop features with taskbar, folders, and icons is available
  • Advanced file management systems
  • High power saving OS compared to Windows 7 and Windows XP Mode: Hyper V
  • Windows 8 starts up faster compared to other operating systems
  • Windows 8 Operating System switches between apps faster