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Now Need to Answer Your Computer Virus Problems

Well it might sound as the most commonly faced problem by all computer users across the globe, but computer viruses can have serious consequences to the overall functioning of your computer be it on a professional or a personal platform. A plethora of viruses are present on the network that can actually go ahead and disrupt the functionality of your computer. The most common virus problems are spyware, adware and malware. In fact, it is true that a computer virus can attack a computer 365 days a year. So you need a 24x7x365 protection plan that would actually protect your computer against all kinds of attacks. If your PC is infected, UTH is there to offer you complete PC protection packages. We remove computer virus from your home and office computers. Our annual plans are designed for your safety and protection, thus we expect you to go ahead and opt for our protection plans to ensure full proof protection of your PC.

  • You encounter a sudden hard disk crash.
  • Sudden loss of important data from the computer storage.
  • Slowdown of the computer considerably .
  • Personal data gets targeted by hackers trying to retrieve sensitive personal information.
  • Your computer restarts time and again, automatically, disrupting your work flow.
  • Some of the software in your PC stops responding .
  • Your computer receives automatic pop ups .
  • The computer starts to behave abnormally especially with programs .
  • Multimedia applications do not play audio or video files.
  • Internet browser does not open properly and settings get changed automatically.
  • Installation of a highly potent anti-virus software .
  • Clean up of all malicious files, disrupting the normal functioning of the computer.
  • All spyware, adware and malware related problems resolved.
  • Identifying key areas of protection overlooked by the computer′s present security system.
  • Configuration of firewall in the most competent manner, to ensure full proof PC protection.
  • Scheduling of regular spyware, adware and malware scans for the computer .
  • Regular updates on the installed anti-virus to ensure it is in top operating condition.
  • Installation of basic computer cleaning software that would clean up files, cookies and registry.
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