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How to Setup Online Parental Control From Urgent Tech Help

Urgent Tech Help offers best parental control for your PC. If you have children at home, then you would not want them to see any kind of explicit content. We setup parental controls to block explicit content from being accessed by kids. Best parental controls are available from our end, to help create safe learning environment for your kids. We setup parental controls for your kids since we believe in nurturing children in the safest possible manner.

Our blocks fall into four major categories
  • Content filters to limit the type of incoming content
  • Usage Control to limit the type and quantity of usage of the computer
  • Computer usage management
  • Monitoring to monitor any kind of internet usage along with the location of the user

  • There is lack of censorship over the internet, thus allowing your child to get access to explicit content .
  • Children getting access to adult websites.
  • Unwanted programs might get downloaded that might harm the your computer
  • Your child getting access to information which is inappropriate for his age
  • Controls to block entry of any adult content through any adult website.
  • We can offer blocks for 9 commonly targeted categories marked as explicit content .
  • Time limits for the usage of the internet .
  • Multiple user profiles for different level of internet usage and access of web based information .
  • Blocks for explicit content, like videos, photos, and texts, thus creating a safer environment for your children.
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