Microsoft office 2007
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Microsoft office 2007 Installation Service From Urgent Tech Help

Microsoft Office 2007 is a very widely used version of Microsoft Office. It is a comprehensive tool that allows users to go along with their daily work flow with spreadsheets, word documents, excel files and power point presentation tools. It is also one of the most commonly used software applications in the world. Excel formulas are much more easy to reference, and has been of importance for the corporate sector in particular. This tool has also been effective in time management, especially with faster processing of data through the documents. For sleeker looking documents and presentations, many people have upgraded to a higher version of MS Office, in the form of MS Office 2007. This software has received a fair deal of appreciation from corporate users who have been able to impress their clients and colleagues with highly attractive documents, files and presentations. UTH teaches how to install microsoft office 2007.

  • Control Tabs with contextual tabs and program tabs
  • The Home Button or the office button
  • Mini toolbar that acts like a ghost tool bar when user mouseovers it
  • Screen tips enhancement with Enhanced Screen Tip Feature
  • A quick access toolbar for
  • Status Bar with Zoom in and Zoom out options plus view options
  • Advanced Report View filtering allows filtering of specific column
  • Data Sheet totals tool
  • Search Bar Functionality with the navigation pane
  • Output Reports that allows direct emailing of select documents to users
  • Additional Multi- value and attachment fields
  • Tabbed View Feature that shows multiple objects in the form of tabs