Silver Plan
Cost Of the Plan: $ 177.78 (USD)
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Service Validity: 365 days

Computer troubleshooting is a very essential service, which might be required at any point of time. Thus urgent Tech Help (UTH) has come up with a complete PC protection plan for its customers. Just like your health needs regular check up to ensure that you keep in good health, similarly, your PC also needs regular check up. UTH has a team of highly skilled technicians who would be offering you a round of Live Technical support to put your PC back to running condition.  

Our Silver Plan includes 1 year PC troubleshooting support, and Complete PC Health and Diagnostics check up, at a 40 percent discount. Avail our discounted Silver protection plan and enjoy uninterrupted computing.

  • Hard disc related problems like crash
  • The speed of the computer slows down considerably
  • Computer freezes frequently
  • Computer applications do not function in a proper manner
  • Error messages being displayed on the computer
  • Computer programs coming up with error messages
  • Continuous pop ups disturb the computer user
  • PC does not respond to normal pc repair tools
  • Frequent loss of data from the computer
  • Computer Does not Start at All

  • UTH offers live 1 year Technical Support that includes fully Live technical support for your computer on a 24x7 basis
  • Clean up of all the infected files and the junk files from the computer
  • At intervals of 15 days, regular check ups are performed on the computer
  • A routine check by a technician every 15 days, to check if you are doing fine
  • Training on the usage of the computer in proper ways to enhance its performance and longevity
  • Training on basic technical troubleshooting
  • Clean up of PC Bugs and Worms