Microsoft office 2013
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Install Microsoft Office 2013 Online For Your PC

It is the latest version of MS Office and for the same reason is in high demand these days. It is a successor to the existing Microsoft Word 2010. It has some advanced features like the user interface updates, extended file format support, and touch support. It allows integration support for a plethora of online services like SkyDrive, Skype, Outlook, Yammer and Flickr. It also offers extended support for OpenDocument(ODF), Office Open XML(OOXML) and Portable Document Format (PDF). This application has been launched in twelve different editions, each customized for the type of industry and users. Thus, users get ample flexibility and support based on their requirements, thus it is one of the most potent tools for corporate users who can add audio and video files into their documents with utmost ease. How to install Microsoft office 2013 is easier than you think.UTH is here to help you!

  • Notes Editor in the form of One Note 2010
  • Spreadsheet in the form of Excel 2010
  • Presentation in the form of PowerPoint 2010
  • Suitable for both desktop mode and mobile phone platforms
  • The new spell check application along with grammar check
  • The weather forecast display on the calendar
  • Parallel installation option with older version of Microsoft Word present on the system