Gold Plan
Cost Of the Plan: $ 217.78 (USD)
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Service Validity: 365 days

To ensure the smooth running of your PC, it would require ongoing maintenance. Just like a basic health check up, PC check up can actually go ahead and help in detecting problems that might cause serious consequences for your computer. UTH offers a team of highly qualified and skilled technicians to provide the best PC restoration services. This unique offer includes 1 year of PC troubleshooting along with, licensed anti-virus installation, with data backup options at 50 percent discount.


You may suffer from the following:

  • The hard disk crashes
  • The computer is running very slowly
  • The computer freezes pretty frequently
  • The computer applications do not respond normally like before
  • The computer behaves abnormally
  • Programs show up error messages
  • Data loss might occur at any point of time
  • The computer does not start at all
  • The software stops working


Our Service To You – With 1 year technical support

  • UTH would be offering a complete live technical support through live sessions, for the customers
  • All undesired and infected files from the computer would be removed completely
  • Regular checkups on the computer would be performed at intervals of 15 days. A technician would be calling you every 15 days to check whether everything is fine with your computer
  • Customers would enjoy support on a round the clock basis
  • Proper training and guidance would be offered for customers

In addition to these you would get

  • An online data back up system for your computer would be in place to protect your pc against any kind of crashes
  • A daily back up is scheduled for your computer
  • Training on the usage of the online back-up system

Usage of trusted high end software

  • AVG Internet Security
  • E-Scan

  • F-Secure Client Security

  • Quick heal Anti Virus (original)