AVG Tune up Utility
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How Tuneup Utilities Give New Life to Your Computer

It is one comprehensive tool that enhances the speed of your PC to a stage where it used to be during the early days of the PC. You get the option to enjoy the Turbo Mode that would release the extra bit of power that would be required for activities like gaming, videos/movies and browsing. AVG tuneup utilities have definite benefits for your computer.

  • Turbo Mode
  • Program Deactivator
  • Startup Optimizer
  • Startup Manager
  • Drive Defragmentation
  • A very smooth running PC after undergoing a series of clean ups through PC docs
  • An extended battery life that would keep your pc/laptop running for long
  • It creates valuable disk space for your convenience and overall pc performance
  • It keeps the pc performance at a high level
  • It does not leave behind any malicious files or folders after accessing the delete button
  • Performance Reports along with performance status
  • Easier optimization of the PC performance with program reports and system information
  • Fine tuning of the computer for a better performance with undelete, process manager, registry editor, settings and styler